Technology and Innovation

Sylvan has been dedicated to innovation since its early beginnings, providing consistent, innovative products to customers around the world. High levels of automation throughout the production process ensures control and consistency, creating the highest quality products for our customers.

In addition to utilizing a wide variety of strains, we offer a selection of substrates including grain and non-grain based. We also offer various packaging solutions including boxes, racks and disposable spacers to meet your logistic preferences.

Solid Substrate Fermentation Technology Solutions

Solid State Fermentation (SSF) is a fermentation method used by several industries like the pharmaceuticals, food, textile etc., to produce metabolites of microorganisms using solid support in place of a liquid medium. It is defined as the growth of microbes without free-flowing aqueous phase.

The SSF is an alternative to submerged fermentation for production of value-added products like antibiotics, single cell protein, PUFA’s, enzymes, organic acids, biopesticides, biofuel and aroma production.

Solid-state fermentation has emerged as a potential technology for the production of microbial products such as feed, fuel, food, industrial chemicals, and pharmaceutical products.

It is widely applied to producing several enzymes, organic acids, flavoring compounds etc., which must be extracted and purified and then used in different products. Its application in bioprocesses such as bioleaching, bio-beneficiation, bioremediation, bio-pulping, etc. has offered several advantages.

The main advantages of this technology are the following:

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