Product Development

Sylvan Bio is a producer and manufacturer of mycelial based products and the concentration of fungal spores and secondary metabolites for use in a variety of applications.

A range of services are offered throughout the process of developing the desired product.

Strain Collection and Maintenance

Sylvan Bio’s scientists use our extensive library of cultures to curate strains that are valued for both quality and consistency.  Regardless of the customers product development requirements, our process begins with the collection and maintenance of the specific strains. This includes identifying a unique “DNA fingerprint” to ensure the integrity of the production process.

Product Development


Sylvan’s world class scientists work closely with customers to develop products that will meet their unique needs.


Some types of products we have developed include:

If you have an application that is not listed, please call us to discuss the possibilities!

Solid Substrate Fermentation

Sylvan Bio uses a proprietary solid substrate fermentation (SSF) process to enhance product yield.
SSF technology involves the use of a porous semi-solid base, with nutrient rich water, to ferment cultures of fungal microorganisms.
Combined with proprietary packaging technology, a unique environment is created that facilitates the production of a wide variety of fungal species.
Advantages of using SSF:
  • high yields
  • cost efficient
  • environmentally friendly
  • lower risk of contamination


SSF is not a new technology; it has traditionally been used for centuries in Eastern cultures to ferment foods such as koji and red yeast rice, and in Western cultures to make dough and cheese.

SSF is the ideal application used to produce fungal based products such as:

  • animal feed additives
  • bioherbicides, biofungicides, bioinsecticides
  • crop protection products
  • human food products
  • mushroom spawn
  • pharmaceuticals
mushroom grouping

Technical Support

The Sylvan Bio team is always available to consult and provide technical support throughout the development and production process.

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