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NKC Immune Boost

Agaricus blazei murrill mushroom powder capsules

Get a Boost from Nature!

The Best Way to Enhance Natural Killer Cell Activity!*

Sylvan Bio proudly introduces our latest bottled product, 

NKC Immune Boost

NKC Immune Boost contains Agaricus blazei Murrill (ABM) mushroom powder that is naturally enhanced with Vitamin D.

ABM is believed to stimulate the body’s immune system by increasing the production of Natural Killer Cells (NKC).*

Natural Killer Cells are the body’s first line of defense against infection, working to recognize and destroy viruses and other microbes.

The natural Vitamin D in NKC Immune Boost has been demonstrated to help reduce susceptibility to infection.*

With its unique combination of immune-enhancing ingredients, NKC Immune Boost assists the body in building and maintaining a strong immune system.*

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Fighting Against Infection

NKC Immune Boost

A natural source of Complex β-Glucans

(an immune system activator),

Ergothioneine (a unique antioxidant),

GABA (to enhance immune function)

and Vitamin D (an essential nutrient)

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Agaricus blazei Murrill

Agaricus blazei Murrill:
  • Was discovered in the Piedade region of Brazil in the 1960’s
  • Studies were conducted in Japan showing beneficial qualities for immunity
  • May be sold fresh, sliced, dried, or ground into a powdered form

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