Research is the cornerstone of Sylvan’s commitment. With facilities in the United States and France, our teams form a closely knit global unit.  Ongoing collaboration with commercial, institutional and university researchers worldwide helps to provide us with the most up-to-date information in achieving our research goals.

Collaborative Research Institutes:
Plant Research International, Wageningen, Holland
Fujian Mushroom R&D Station, China
Southern Cross University, Australia
University of Sydney, Australia
Corvinus University of Budapest, Hungary

Our research concentrates on four basic areas: maintaining the genetic stability of established strains; pursuing genetic studies, including the breeding of new spawn strains; testing of chemicals, pesticides and fertiliser to bring new speciality products to market and exploring ways to increase the reliability and efficiency of Sylvan’s unique production capabilities.

New product development is an ongoing area of interest to Sylvan.  The company continually generates ideas and conducts tests on potential products that fit its production and distribution systems while achieving its product targets.

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